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Postcard brooch

Friday, 27 May 2011


I've been working on some new items the past couple of days all related to the seaside....which by 6pm tonight I will be!! yeah! I did some illustrations of an old 1960's caravan like the one my grandma and grandad use to take me on holiday in every year along with other illustrations such as an Ice cream, deck chair, suite cases, postcard and postage stamp. 

Once I did my illustrations I put them all together with my previous images to create a postcard brooch. the first one I did came out a little too large but I really like the affect so I created another brooch which came out too small!!! so I will have to keep working on the size. I also created various necklaces but  haven't had chance to photograph these yet, here is a snap shot of the first brooch I made.

Well I'm going to go pack my back ready for my weekend by the sea, hopefully get lots of new ideas and pictures, Enjoy the bank holiday weekend xxxxx

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