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New items

Friday, 17 June 2011


I have been working on lots of new items lately and had a chance to put a few on Etsy this afternoon. I'm still working on two more items that have taken a bit longer to make. Here are a few images of the new items on Etsy. I will put some pics up over the weekend hopefully when I finish my new piece!! I still have no computer so been finding it a bit hard to get online and post. So hopefully soon I will be able to create some photo montages xxx Until then have a great weekend.

Its a sad day...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

 Unfortunately my computer has died! so I have been very lost this week, all my images and work have been spread across a range of different computers and I have no access to the Internet. Hopefully I will have a new computer by the end of the week. Apart from that I have had a busy week getting my stall ready for The Marvellous Sunday afternoon at Dock street market Leeds.

Its on every sunday so if you missed it this week theres another chance to go! The cake was amazing and I ate too much! ( the best Brownie I have had) I thoroughly enjoyed the vintage tunes, and bagged my self a Pugs not Drugs bag from Gemma Correll, Fine City Friends  now I just need a pug!

Pugs Not Drugs tote bag

Hopefully next week I will be up and running again and have some images of my new work! xxx

I'm sorry blog! .... my week in pictures

Saturday, 4 June 2011


I'm afraid I have neglected my blog a little bit this week! my computer has a virus so I have been unable to go on mine but hopefully it will be fixed by Sunday.... I hope I don't lose any of my work.
So due to me been unable to access my computer I have had to use my boyfriends so I have no nice images to play around with! Although I do have some images of some of things I have been up to this week.

 So this is my week in pictures...there are quite a few,

Bertie! my little puppy dog getting blown in the wind.

I went to the seaside twice this week!

This week was  my mums birthday so we threw her a little afternoon tea party and I made her, her favorite cake Chocolate Guinness cake, with cream cheese frosting.

Paul had a few days off this week so we went and visited one of my favorite places in Leeds, Swiss Cottage! I could spend hours in here ... and spend a lot of money

We also visited the famous Sunshine bakery in Chapel Allerton who hold the title of National cupcake champions 2010-2011..... yum yum

Well I think that's about it for now hopefully I will have some new work up next week and my computer fixed. Enjoy the rest of your weekend XXX

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