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About Me

Hello and welcome to Jodie Anna!

 My name is Jodie and I am a designer maker from West Yorkshire, I like to sit and create from my home studio  trying to make my day dreams and ideas come to life. 
I studied Interactive Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University  where I was hugely influenced by the idea of how an object or any image can trigger memories and feelings of nostalgia, after leaving university this idea still fascinated me. I had an amazing childhood filled with summer holidays by the sea! Tea and cake on Sunday afternoons with my grandparents  and long summer nights spent in the woods near my childhood home, building dens and creating imaginary worlds. I wanted to use all these memories to  create a range of illustrations that reminded me of some of my favourite things! 

My illustrations are hand drawn and then placed in photo shop where I add lovely vintage patterns to each illustration, creating a crisp finished image. I then realised I wanted to-do something with these images so I started to make them into jewellery, little pieces of wearable memories, which I hope will bring a smile to its wearer. 

As well as drawing and making I love photography, going to places that make me smile! collecting and hoarding vintage tins, cameras, crockery, vases, ceramic 1950's animals!, fabric....... the list is endless! I also love a good afternoon tea and been around my family and friends. 

I hope you enjoy my Blog and hope it gives you a little insight to all my thoughts, goings on and my dreams!

If you have any questions or just fancy a chat then please just get in touch! 

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