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Holidays are coming!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

As they say.... it's the most wonderful time of the year! and I love the Christmas season so much!!! I will be adding some new items tonight to my shops perfect for Christmas gifts! So please take a peek. In the mean time I have been doing lots of online window shopping for Christmas presents but I have done the usual and ended up wanting most of the things for my self. So I have made another a few of my favorite things full of lots of Christmas ideas from some amazing designers.

1. Lisa Manuels Framed tea party brooch £22.87 2.Misako Mimoko Toy watch £11.95 3. The storybook rabbit Mr Foxy Black Wooden Frame £16.60 4. Ninainvorm Custom made name plate £37.82 5.Pinkrain shop wooden brooch hand painted Signor Baffo £13.28 6. The whirlwind Vintage lace necklace £15.80 7. Le animale Le Red Fox Stud Earrings £23.90

This is just a peek at some their work please visit their Etsy shops for more amazing items! and below is a sneak peek at my little robin gift set!

Happy shopping! xxx

Blog and Buysale Christmas showcase

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


It has been a while since I last blogged I have had lots going on! and I've got lots more coming up in the run up to Christmas. Firstly I was featured on the UK handmade Christmas showcase please visit and take a look for lots of ideas for some great Christmas gifts. I'm also going to be featured in the Craft Tonic Christmas showcase as well as Make it flaunt! and lastly I have a stall on the wonderful Blog and Buy sale Christmas showcase.
Blog and Buy sale is a wonderful site run by James & Josephine who launched the site to showcase the very best of creative sellers from around the world, each month they showcase 20 designers which have the opportunity to win rosettes for most shared, blog and buy sale pick and guest creative pick. The Christmas showcase went live today so please visit and share my page on facebook or retweet!

I am also going to be taking part in a pop up shop in Margate! so will follow with lots of details soon.

This weekend I am attending a fair at Sheffield University! really looking forward to taking my new bow tie necklaces, earrings and Robin earrings will get lots of pics.

I also have lots of new stockists which I will be updating you all on very soon. Hope your all having a great week! and will update my blog with some new pics of my work soon... and another a few of my favorite things lots of lovely stuff for Christmas.

Jodie X

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