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Holidays are coming!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

As they say.... it's the most wonderful time of the year! and I love the Christmas season so much!!! I will be adding some new items tonight to my shops perfect for Christmas gifts! So please take a peek. In the mean time I have been doing lots of online window shopping for Christmas presents but I have done the usual and ended up wanting most of the things for my self. So I have made another a few of my favorite things full of lots of Christmas ideas from some amazing designers.

1. Lisa Manuels Framed tea party brooch £22.87 2.Misako Mimoko Toy watch £11.95 3. The storybook rabbit Mr Foxy Black Wooden Frame £16.60 4. Ninainvorm Custom made name plate £37.82 5.Pinkrain shop wooden brooch hand painted Signor Baffo £13.28 6. The whirlwind Vintage lace necklace £15.80 7. Le animale Le Red Fox Stud Earrings £23.90

This is just a peek at some their work please visit their Etsy shops for more amazing items! and below is a sneak peek at my little robin gift set!

Happy shopping! xxx

Blog and Buysale Christmas showcase

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


It has been a while since I last blogged I have had lots going on! and I've got lots more coming up in the run up to Christmas. Firstly I was featured on the UK handmade Christmas showcase please visit and take a look for lots of ideas for some great Christmas gifts. I'm also going to be featured in the Craft Tonic Christmas showcase as well as Make it flaunt! and lastly I have a stall on the wonderful Blog and Buy sale Christmas showcase.
Blog and Buy sale is a wonderful site run by James & Josephine who launched the site to showcase the very best of creative sellers from around the world, each month they showcase 20 designers which have the opportunity to win rosettes for most shared, blog and buy sale pick and guest creative pick. The Christmas showcase went live today so please visit and share my page on facebook or retweet!

I am also going to be taking part in a pop up shop in Margate! so will follow with lots of details soon.

This weekend I am attending a fair at Sheffield University! really looking forward to taking my new bow tie necklaces, earrings and Robin earrings will get lots of pics.

I also have lots of new stockists which I will be updating you all on very soon. Hope your all having a great week! and will update my blog with some new pics of my work soon... and another a few of my favorite things lots of lovely stuff for Christmas.

Jodie X

christmas thoughts.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


So its October and although this past week it has felt like July! I have been working hard on some ideas for Christmas, and they will hopefully be available to buy on my not on the high street shop next week! along with free Christmas gift wrapping on all my items! to make it nice and easy for you all.

Instead of jewellery I am making Christmas decorations, Christmas bunting and possibly personalised Christmas decorations... (all this talk of Christmas is getting me in the mood for some good old Muppet's Christmas carol.... no no far too early for all that)

This idea all began when my sisters mother in law (to be) commissioned me to produce a robin brooch for her beautiful granddaughter. So i began working on some sketches and played around with patterns to see what affect I could create and then lots of other ideas started popping into my head... too many ideas and not enough time do them. So here's a sneak peek of my little Robin illustration and soon to follow my little Christmas pud.

A few of my favorite things part 2

Thursday, 22 September 2011


A while a go a did a post called a few of my favorite things, so I thought I'd make it a regular post with some of my favorite things by other designers....  but there are so many! I just keep finding so many things that I want to buy.. so if my boyfriend or mum are reading this please buy me some for Christmas!!

I'm going to start off today with a designer that really is one of my favorites! I Have already bought so many of her items and wear them most days, in fact I'm wearing my doggy brooch today. I  love her work so much and I noticed shes brought out some new items recently which I adore. She is the very talented Lucie Ellen her items are made in her shed come studio at the bottom of her garden in Suffolk. She uses old pieces of 1950's crockery that would other wise be thrown away to create stunning pieces of jewellery. She also works with reclaimed wood to create brooches, necklaces and earrings, here are a few images of my old time favorites and some her new items.

25% off!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

To celebrate my new collection there is 25% off all items in my Etsy store until Sunday at Midnight! check my store out and keep an eye out for new items been added daily! just enter 'newcollection' at the checkout!

Happy shopping!

New winter collection

Monday, 19 September 2011


This a bit of whistle stop blog post, I photographed lots of new items yesterday with the help of the lovely Louisa as my model but due to it been winter... and England it rained and the sun went  in so the light wasn't right to photograph my items, so still got a few items left to photograph. I have added a few items to my Not on the high street so please take a peek. But for now here are a few images.

I still have lots of work to do and working on a few commissions, but later this week I will be posting a few of my favorite things from some of my favorite designers and their new ranges so keep popping back.

Bye for now!


Rain Rain go away!

Friday, 16 September 2011


I have been very busy the past couple of weeks working on lots of new ideas, designing my new winter range and also getting some of illustrations made into greeting cards. So now that summers over it was time to take my seaside collection out of my store until next year.... bye bye summer! but my seaside range won't be gone completely a new Lighthouse necklace will be available from next week along with some new anchor items and a ship and waves necklace.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of my new illustrations I've been working on,

I have also been working on some umbrella and rain cloud illustrations that will be made into earrings, brooches and necklaces, for all those rainy days and winter nights!

 Lots of new items coming soon, and a lot of new items to be added to my current ranges, which are all going to be photographed at the weekend and hopefully availble next week!

Well I best get back to work and stop looking at pretty things online! have a great weekend, lets hope the weather stays nice for the Saltaire Arts Festival.

Sarah's baby shower

Saturday, 10 September 2011


I haven't blogged for ages and keep meaning to and then something comes up! at the moment my sister is pregnant and ready to pop! (Wednesday.... unless shes early..or late!) and seen as I love her so much.. or just an excuse for cake and vintage tunes we decided to have a  baby shower. It gave me the opportunity to cover my house in bunting, teacups, garlands and most importantly an opportunity for me to make cake pops and 3 layer pink cake! We also did a few games and had a cupcake pinata! and a mini coconut shy. Sarah's boyfriend was on hand to take lots of lovely pictures, here are a few courteous of Stott & Atkinson

Tim took lots more pictures and made a lovely slide show so as soon as I can get my hands on it I will post it. Just a quick post I'm working on my new winter range so will have lots of new bits to put up soon, but for now I'll leave you with the bump picture! hopefully the next picture will be of my new niece! 

Its gone live!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Well its official my Not on the High street shop is now live! please go and take a look and let me know what you think.
I've also been very busy getting stock ready for a beautiful shop in Rotterdam called Elle Aime. Its a wonderful store run by the lovely Lisa Manuels who is very talented and produces her own Illustrations! it is my dream to have a shop like this.

Lisa Manuels Illustrations

Elle Aime


So my items are currently on there travels and will hopefully be in Rotterdam by tomorrow! and I will have some images of my work in the lovely elle aime! I'm so excited I wish I could visit the store.

I have also been making lots of stock for a new shop that will be opening in Headingley on the 1st of September. I will be filling my cabinet at the weekend so will take lots of pictures!

And finally I received a very exciting e-mail today but I'm not going to to tell you about that until I have everything confirmed! So keep checking back. For now I will leave you with some new images of my work that my very beautiful and very heavily pregnant sister posed for!!! Thank you sarah! xxx

 Bye for now xxxx

Not on the High Street

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Sorry I haven't blogged for a while I have been very busy working on lots of exciting projects. Firstly I attended the Reet Sweet craft fair at the weekend in Leeds at the Corn exchange, I had a lovely weekend and got to meet lots of lovely new people.

Also I got accepted to be a seller on Not on The High Street!! which is very exciting and a fantastic oppurtunity, so I have been very busy re- photographing all my work and making my shop look as good as possible. I have lots more work a head of me and will let you know when my shop is live. I have also been redesigning all my packaging .... still not finished : (  . And I finally got my website up and running!!! please take a look I still need to update it with my new images that I have been taking for Not on The High Street herebut here are a few below along with a sneaky peek at some new items.

And finally some very exciting news I have been asked by a beautiful store in Rotterdam to stock my items! but I will do a separate blog about that later. phewwww I think that's it for now best get back to work will have lots of new exciting post soon so keep checking back.

Bye for now

Reet sweet! This weekend!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Join us at Reet Sweet 6th & 7th of August!

Happily ever after x


Hope you all had a good week! I had a lovely week and had the honour of attending two beautiful weddings last week! one been one of my best friends. She looked very beautiful and had a lovely vintage wedding with lots of teacups, cakes, cake pops which we made together and Pimms!! I was in heaven! I've never seen so many beautiful teacups, cake stands, teapots and cake in one space!

I've got lots of pictures but think i'll make a slide show of them. I've alos got lots of lovely pictures from the other wedding which had a coconut shy!, Hook a duck, Morris Dancers and a rock and roll band!!!

bye for now!

Craft Candy

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Hope you all had a good weekend! I had a lovely weekend I attended Craft Candy fair on Saturday, the last every one! very sad as i love them so much, at the millennium Galleries in Sheffield. It was a great day and I got to see lots of very talented designers and makers! Unfortunately I forgot my camera!!! so no pictures. But I've put a few images of some of my favorite stall holders.

Elodie G I love her illustrations and style and purchased a few postcards for myself and one for my boyfriend who adores the Smiths.

By Elodie G

By Elodie G
 Another one of my favorite sellers was Butterscotch ans Beesting Confectionery & Magic, her work is beautiful and the concept so clever I would love to see alot more of her work! She sells sweets and potions amongst other itemss that are all based around stories that she has created of Betty Butterscotch and her circus animals. I can't do her work much justices you need to vist her website yourself it is stunning! I treated myself to a yummy bag of Betty Butterscotch's Swirly Snails. I loved the story on the back of the packaging and they tasted yummy!

Butterscotch & Beesting Confectionery & magic

I hope you enjoy looking at her website! I best get back to making cake pops for my friends wedding on Thursday! I will be putting lots of pics up it later x

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