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Its a sad day...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

 Unfortunately my computer has died! so I have been very lost this week, all my images and work have been spread across a range of different computers and I have no access to the Internet. Hopefully I will have a new computer by the end of the week. Apart from that I have had a busy week getting my stall ready for The Marvellous Sunday afternoon at Dock street market Leeds.

Its on every sunday so if you missed it this week theres another chance to go! The cake was amazing and I ate too much! ( the best Brownie I have had) I thoroughly enjoyed the vintage tunes, and bagged my self a Pugs not Drugs bag from Gemma Correll, Fine City Friends  now I just need a pug!

Pugs Not Drugs tote bag

Hopefully next week I will be up and running again and have some images of my new work! xxx

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