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christmas thoughts.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


So its October and although this past week it has felt like July! I have been working hard on some ideas for Christmas, and they will hopefully be available to buy on my not on the high street shop next week! along with free Christmas gift wrapping on all my items! to make it nice and easy for you all.

Instead of jewellery I am making Christmas decorations, Christmas bunting and possibly personalised Christmas decorations... (all this talk of Christmas is getting me in the mood for some good old Muppet's Christmas carol.... no no far too early for all that)

This idea all began when my sisters mother in law (to be) commissioned me to produce a robin brooch for her beautiful granddaughter. So i began working on some sketches and played around with patterns to see what affect I could create and then lots of other ideas started popping into my head... too many ideas and not enough time do them. So here's a sneak peek of my little Robin illustration and soon to follow my little Christmas pud.

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