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Holidays are coming!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

As they say.... it's the most wonderful time of the year! and I love the Christmas season so much!!! I will be adding some new items tonight to my shops perfect for Christmas gifts! So please take a peek. In the mean time I have been doing lots of online window shopping for Christmas presents but I have done the usual and ended up wanting most of the things for my self. So I have made another a few of my favorite things full of lots of Christmas ideas from some amazing designers.

1. Lisa Manuels Framed tea party brooch £22.87 2.Misako Mimoko Toy watch £11.95 3. The storybook rabbit Mr Foxy Black Wooden Frame £16.60 4. Ninainvorm Custom made name plate £37.82 5.Pinkrain shop wooden brooch hand painted Signor Baffo £13.28 6. The whirlwind Vintage lace necklace £15.80 7. Le animale Le Red Fox Stud Earrings £23.90

This is just a peek at some their work please visit their Etsy shops for more amazing items! and below is a sneak peek at my little robin gift set!

Happy shopping! xxx

5 Responses to “Holidays are coming!”

  1. thanks very much for featuring me! what a cute robin! i'll check out your shop :) x
    p.s. my sister and i made the teaparty brooch #1 as well, as part of a collaboration with my other brand "Made by white" hehe, great taste obviously!

  2. Hi, Jodie! What a lovely collection! Thank you so much for featuring my/Made By White's brooch! And the robin; oh my.. I just adore it!! You make such cute jewelry pieces!! X Lisa Manuels

  3. Thanks so much for the feature with these lovely items! :)

  4. I'm so happy for this post!! thank u soo much !
    I love all the other objects featured here :)

  5. Hello Jodie!! Thank you for featuring, love this lovely selection!
    And love your cute sewing machine and teapot creations too!!
    Have a nice day :)


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