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A Beautiful bride.

Monday, 6 August 2012

A few months ago I received an e-mail from a lovely lady called Keli who was getting married in August, she asked me to produce a bunting necklace and bracelet for her wedding. I couldn't think of anything more wonderful than the opportunity to produce an item that would be a part of someones most important day of their lives.

I set about creating a necklace and bracelet in a range of designs, I also thought it would be nice with this been a keepsake to add something a bit extra, so for the necklace I produced a personalised bunting pendant that went on the back of the necklace with the bride and grooms initials and wedding date on. I really liked the bracelet and produced two different designs for Keli to choose from, I also placed the patterns on both sides of the bunting so which ever way the bunting hung there would always be a pattern on show. Similar designs of the bracelet will be added to my store soon so please keep an eye out, here are a few images of the finished products. I didn't post them earlier as I didn't want the groom to catch a glimpse of them!

Keli tied the knot on Friday and its fair to say she looked stunning, I wish all my love and best wishes for a long and happy future to Keli and her husband. Here a few images of the bride and groom!

I loved creating this product for Keli and if any other brides out there would like a personalised item for their big day please just give a message! 

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