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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I always find it really hard to decide what to write about when blogging, I try to think about the things I like to read in blogs, Lifestyle, Fashion, Baking, thoughts and aspirations.

How can I start placing these topics in my blog. Blogging can be a difficult thing as it is sort of a window into your life, I always find it hard to decide what people would like to hear about and what I want people to know about me. So I am slowly going to try and place more things I like to read in blogs on my blog and also start share a little bit of the life and workings of Jodie Anna! And to start this I am going to share with you some corners of my home!

 I live in a small 18th Century terrace house in a sleepy village in West Yorkshire,

along with my bearded husband Paul one half of Stott and Atkinson photography and our imaginary pug, I say imaginary as I really want one!!!! and I am slowly talking Paul round! I love our little house and always try to put our tastes around us to keep us both inspired, I love to collect a range of things some people may see it as hoarding! but I love to be surrounded by objects that make me smile and keep me inspired. I collect objects and keep objects that mean something to me and hold memories. Here are a few shots of the corners of our house,

In these few shots I have included a sneak peak at my passion for collecting 1950's/60's ceramic animals and old cameras! along with my clock which is very special to me as it was the last Christmas present from my late Grandma Mabel and a little picture of my dressing table..... which Paul is wanting me to sell..... NOOOO!!!

Well thank you for reading and joining me on my new journey to start blogging more about what I like and what I am about.

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