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I know its been a while!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I know its been a while! and with it been the new year and all, I'm doing the typical thing.... attempting to change certain aspects of my life. One of them been to start blogging, I always attempt to blog but it fails pretty quickly.

I don't normally blog about personal things, I find blogging a difficult task one because I can't write! but also because I think what do people want to read.  Do they want to learn about me and my life what's behind the fa├žade or do people just want to keep it nice and see all the pretty stuff? The illustrations, the pictures that capture the odd fun stuff that I do, not real life, so I'm going to put myself out there and write for me a pretty personal blog post. ( I deleted most of the really personal stuff  before I pressed publish! not sure i'm ready for that!)

I find blogs and the whole of social media one of my favourite thing and also one of the things I loath. Why? because I look far too much at pictures on Instagram that portray peoples perfect lives, other designers perfect lives... been successful and doing awesome things all the time! My husband is constantly telling me not to look at social media as it gets me down about where I am with my business and that I haven't succeeded what I want to.

So what do I want to succeed? I'm not sure to be honest. I just know I love making, I love letting my imagination go into over drive coming up with ideas and new designs. I normally constantly have things going around and around in my head but never do anything about them, but at the moment there seems to be no new ideas. I currently feel like Jodie Anna has got stuck in a bit of a rut and I have fallen out of love with my designs and feel like I need a fresh start. In some ways I do feel like constantly looking at social media has contributed to this rut as I compare myself too much to what other people are doing. But also a lot has happened to me in the passed year, things that have changed me as a person and to be honest I am a little bit lost.

So the first step to get out of this rut and try and get new ideas my husband has challenged me to go a week with out social media..... a week doesn't sound that long but I think it will be tough!!! So here goes a whole week without social media and to keep my occupied I have challenged myself to do one drawing every day!

Here goes wish me luck!

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