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Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Hope you all had a good weekend! I had a lovely weekend I attended Craft Candy fair on Saturday, the last every one! very sad as i love them so much, at the millennium Galleries in Sheffield. It was a great day and I got to see lots of very talented designers and makers! Unfortunately I forgot my camera!!! so no pictures. But I've put a few images of some of my favorite stall holders.

Elodie G I love her illustrations and style and purchased a few postcards for myself and one for my boyfriend who adores the Smiths.

By Elodie G

By Elodie G
 Another one of my favorite sellers was Butterscotch ans Beesting Confectionery & Magic, her work is beautiful and the concept so clever I would love to see alot more of her work! She sells sweets and potions amongst other itemss that are all based around stories that she has created of Betty Butterscotch and her circus animals. I can't do her work much justices you need to vist her website yourself it is stunning! I treated myself to a yummy bag of Betty Butterscotch's Swirly Snails. I loved the story on the back of the packaging and they tasted yummy!

Butterscotch & Beesting Confectionery & magic

I hope you enjoy looking at her website! I best get back to making cake pops for my friends wedding on Thursday! I will be putting lots of pics up it later x

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