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A Few of my Favourite things .......

Sunday, 3 July 2011


So getting a new computer and putting all my old files on my new laptop took a lot longer than I thought, and I still have so much to put on. So that's why again I have neglected my little blog. So I thought on this beautiful afternoon I would do a little blog on 'A few of my Favorite things' (from my house!)

I have been playing around with some images which I took of a few of my objects that have collected over the years for my house and to try and create some clip art from them. So tonight I have spent the night getting use to the new version of photo shop I have and created a little montage.

I got the little blue owl for 50p from a charity shop by the sea, my sister brought me the beautiful button card along with many more from LA I have it framed and hung in my bedroom. All the other items have come from car boot sales and salvage yards. I haven't looked for items for a while, I might have to try and find some new things.

Well enjoy and will be blogging more regularly from now on, Enjoy the rest of your evening

Jodie X

2 Responses to “A Few of my Favourite things .......”

  1. What lovely little things! Your blog is so cute :)

    Also, I just released the summer 2011 edition of my new magazine Femme and I'd appreciate if you checked it out :) You can view it for free here:

  2. Love the post, and your blog <3
    see if you want to follow each other!


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