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A few of my favorite things part 2

Thursday, 22 September 2011


A while a go a did a post called a few of my favorite things, so I thought I'd make it a regular post with some of my favorite things by other designers....  but there are so many! I just keep finding so many things that I want to buy.. so if my boyfriend or mum are reading this please buy me some for Christmas!!

I'm going to start off today with a designer that really is one of my favorites! I Have already bought so many of her items and wear them most days, in fact I'm wearing my doggy brooch today. I  love her work so much and I noticed shes brought out some new items recently which I adore. She is the very talented Lucie Ellen her items are made in her shed come studio at the bottom of her garden in Suffolk. She uses old pieces of 1950's crockery that would other wise be thrown away to create stunning pieces of jewellery. She also works with reclaimed wood to create brooches, necklaces and earrings, here are a few images of my old time favorites and some her new items.

2 Responses to “A few of my favorite things part 2”

  1. These things are so cute ! :) , maybe you can take a look ?

    Lisa xx

  2. hola!!!me encanta todo lo que haces de modo quq he dedicado un post a tus preciosidades!


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